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Why use BD’s Cycles?

· 20 years of motorcycle painting

· Hundreds of satisfied clients – many multiple times

· Servicing all motorcycle brands

· Guaranteed “no surprise” pricing

· Award winning quality

· Responsive, client friendly service

· “Tins in Stock” program for fast turnaround

· Lifetime warranty on everything we paint

· Damage repair and tank re-lining

· Design help and guidance

· Clients nationwide and beyond


How does it work? How do we start?

If you’re reading these questions you’re already on our website. Also, check our Facebook page at, and when you’re ready call, text or email us to discuss your job. A brief talk will enable us to address: what you have; what you want; approximate cost; time frame; and any other issues. We’ll then decide what the next step is.


What about costs and payments?

Without specifics on a job, it's hard to quote an actual number.  Most of our restoration paint work averages between $1500 and $2300, depending on the make/model of the bike.  For instance, a CB750 (69 thru 76) might average $1400 - $1700.  Most of the vintage Kawasaki's (H1's and H2's, Z1's and KZ900's) average between $1500 and $2000.  Something like a RZ350 or older GSXR might run more like $2500 - $3500.  Internally cleaning and lining a tank (we use Caswell) typically averages between $300-$500.   As we understand your wants and needs, we’ll quote you a firm price before taking your job. A $250 non-refundable deposit is due with the order, and upon completion of our work we’ll send your photos of your parts and a final invoice. Upon receipt of payment, we’ll pack and ship your job to you. We accept personal checks, money orders, Zelle, and PayPal.


You’re not near me. How do I get parts to you?

We’ve shipped completed work to 48 states and 4 countries, so distance isn’t an issue. We can talk you thru how to send us your parts by UPS or FedEx, and we’ll return them to you insured, securely packed, and in fully protected boxes. By appointment, we can also arrange for you to deliver and pick up parts at our location.


How long does it take to complete my job?

Depending upon our backlog and the details of the job, our normal turnaround time, once we begin working on your project, is about 5 weeks. At the time you’re ready to place your order, we can advise about a completion date, and we will never take a job if we can’t offer a completion date that is acceptable to you.


What is your “Tins in Stock” Program?

For certain makes and models of bikes we keep parts in stock, ready to paint. That way we can paint our parts as you wish, send them to you, and you return your old parts to us in the same packaging. We then put your parts in our inventory, ready to repeat this process. Using our “Tins in Stock” program can enable you to only miss a day or two of riding!


I’m not sure about exactly what I want. Can you help with design ideas?

Absolutely! Many of our clients have the same question, so we suggest you call us to discuss what you have in mind. We’ll help you by designing and recommending a look you’ll be sure to love.


What products do you use, and are they guaranteed?

We use only top of the line products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We start by removing/stripping off all of the old finish. We usually apply an epoxy primer next.  Then we perform all repairs and bodywork. All parts are typically epoxy primed again, which is followed by several coats of a urethane primer. That is allowed to dry, then the parts are block sanded with 600g to level the surface. A sealer is then applied, followed by all of the color coats. Upon removal of all masking and tape used to create the graphics, the parts are clear coated. After that has had sufficient time to dry/cure, the clear is wet-sanded smooth with 800g, before being re-cleared. Then the parts are color-sanded with 2000g, before being buffed back out. On some occasions we are asked to (or need to) use reproduction decals. When we do, those are cleared over to protect them.


Can you repair my damaged parts?

Yes, we offer body work, dent repair, metal and plastic welding, fiberglass repair, tank de-rusting and relining, and more. With photos and discussions we can provide estimates for these services, including advising if parts are worth repair versus replacement.  Please be mindful of the fact that Caswell tank sealing products discourages the use of Marvel Mystery oil or any sort of fuel preservative.  Those products can negatively affect the tank liner on some occasions, and will void any warranty on the tank liner.  Contact Caswell Plating directly with questions regarding that matter.


What motorcycle brands do you work on, and can you match the original factory finishes?

We paint every brand, from antique bikes close to 100 years old, to brand new ones where owners want a custom paint scheme. We can replicate original old paint jobs, using high tech urethane paint systems, which have far better durability than the old lacquer paint systems from many years ago. We often can execute with paint, details that were originally done with decals and stickers, thus eliminating the shrinking, cracking, and color mis-match some of those exhibited over time. We often hear customers say “I want it just like it came from the factory” The reality is, our paint jobs while looking like factory paint jobs due to colors and layout/scheme, are far superior to any of the factory finishes! We’ll tell you candidly what we recommend, and why.


When can I wash and wax my new paint job, and how do I maintain it?

30 days at 70 degrees is the general rule of thumb when it comes to how long you should wait to wax or seal your new paint job. At 90 degrees, that window of time shrinks, and when it’s cold outside, you might want to give your parts a little extra time. Washing right away is perfectly OK, we only recommend you use a vehicle-specific car wash soap, not Dawn/Joy type dish soaps.


I’m hesitant to work with a company so far away, whom I’ve never met. How can I increase my comfort level?

We’re asked this often, so we encourage you to see “Testimonials” on our website and also visit and see the dozens of reviews our clients have posted. If you need further assurances, we’ll be happy to provide contact details for actual clients who can speak about their experience with BD’s Cycles.

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